We’re back!

Hey folks —

Nuther-Duffer is back on the air. Or on the line. Or whatever it is you’re on when you’re trying to breathe new life into an old blog.

But we’re back. We’re up. We’re running. And we’ll be presenting more of the Nuther-Duffer you’ve always loved: No-holds barred golf course reviews. Golf humor. Golf history. Golf trivia. Product reviews for every new gizmo we can afford. Observations of varying merit on life, golf, and how each relates to the other.

No lessons, no advice. We’re not that good. Like most duffers, Nuther-Duffer’s love for the game greatly exceeds his talent for it.

And we’re back just in time for last-minute gift giving. Got a golfer on your list? You can’t go wrong with a subscription to Nuther-Duffer! (Because, among other things, it doesn’t cost anything.)

So come back often and bring your friends!

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