Boxing Day: As good as it gets (this week) at Ocean View

Today’s scary weather headline: Will 2017 end with a snowstorm?

Clouds over the first tee.

The answer seems to be, well, maybe. So if the low 40s are the best we’re going to see this week, we thought, might as well take advantage of the sunshine! And so Nuther-Duffer found himself at Ocean View Golf Course here on Boxing Day 2017 — with none of the usual “& Co.” who were at home warming themselves in front of the microwave.

The cheap membership effect was in evidence: When Nuther-Duffer called to ask if there was room for a single, expecting to be told as he has been so often in the past “Sure, come on out,” he was told instead, “I can add you to a twosome at 1:04.”

The good news about 1:04: That’s about the time the high temperature was going to arrive. But with sunset around 4:30, it was going to chill off in a hurry and perhaps get too dark to continue after about 15 holes.

Nice day when the wind’s at your back.

The good news about the chill: It apparently kept a lot of people home who had made tee times. Cuz the course was pretty much wide open, for a change, and Nuther-Duffer and the twosome covered 18 holes in three and a half hours — beating the darkness by a good 20 minutes.

The course itself seems to be holding up well to the weird fluctuations in temperature and to the increased number of rounds being played. It’s all brown, of course, but the fairways were tidy and the greens were in decent shape, especially for the day after Christmas when (presumably) the grounds crew got a day off.

The Ocean View bunkers, on the other hand, are still, well, the Ocean View bunkers. The best you can hope for these days is about half an inch of sand on top of the clay lining. Your wedge is going to ricochet off the clay and your ball is going to end up on the far side of the green.

Long shadows at the end of the round.

Today’s tip: If your ball’s in a Ocean View bunker, play it like it’s sitting on hardpan and try to pick it clean.

But OV is still OV — cozy and close and comfortable and a bit like the bar on “Cheers” — when you want to go where everybody knows your name.

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